Mundane Musings

My very first personal blog post (please, please, stop the applause… and the rotten tomatoes). I think I’ll make it a point to blog more actively.
It’s been three weeks since I took the plunge and decided to take the entrepreneurship route. I couldn’t pen down my thoughts owing to a rough couple of weeks personally (other reasons; don’t you start giving the dirty look at entrepreneurship in the first para itself!).

The ‘Why’

The desire to create and experiment runs in my blood. My very first ‘app’ was back in 2007 (Yes, that’s a long time in Internet years. It’s like dog years). Ever since then, there has been at-least one project per year (ppy; There! coined a new abbr. to be included in Oxford English Dictionary. Beats ‘selfies’ and ‘twerking’, don’t you think?). But I could never focus on any of them as they were all weekend pet projects. I’m happiest when I’m doing something of my own and I’ve always, always wanted to focus on it full-time. Someday.

The Challenge

When it comes to entrepreneurship in India, there are tons of posts on why there is a very low number of young Indian entrepreneurs (this scene is fast changing). They mainly revolve around flat (EMI kaun bharega?), family (“What will Anu Aunty say?”), marriage (“No daughter of mine is gonna marry some under-pruner. DaFaq is that anyway?”) and culture (Play safe. MNC? New Achievement Unlocked). Every entrepreneur would inevitably have to overcome all those, and I was no exception.

My parents were supportive and so, convincing them was rather easy. The most prominent hurdle for me was the internal conflict which lasted the longest. I was well placed. What do you do when you get great offers from top Indian cos. with really fat paychecks? Would you be ready for the paradigm shift in life and lifestyle? Is it worth the humongous risk when you have everything already set in life?

But the more I thought over it, the more clearer I was towards what I really wanted. I really don’t wish to look back a couple of years from now and think of all the “what-if”s and “maybe”s. I don’t want to live my life on someone else’s terms. I’m gonna stick with my gut feeling and see where it goes.

I might fail and I’m willing to accept it, but definitely not without trying. I’m an entrepreneur.

John Mayer’s “Age Of Worry” has been looping while I’ve been writing this, and I think it makes a great epilogue.

Bummer. These days, I skip trailers altogether as they show the whole movie in it